Personal Training

Our trainers will:

  • Teach proper form and technique
  • Create a personalized fitness program
  • Using a combination of bodyweight, free weights, and machines
  • Tailored towards your individual goals

The Provital team has experience with a variety of health goals including hypertrophy muscular development, strength training, and weight loss. The sessions are designed to sculpt the results you want, while having fun.

Weight Loss & Obesity Counseling

Looking to lose weight?

We can provide personalized and challenging workouts designed to help you shed those unwanted pounds.

You will have a customized fitness program to maximize your calorie burn while helping you build muscle to boost your metabolism.

Since exercise is only one part of weight loss, our nutrition counseling will help you break through barriers and avoid fad diets, so you can create life long healthy changes. Our Registered Dietitian will keep you accountable, providing you with:

  • Meal plans
  • Shopping lists
  • Comprehensive nutritional guidance

With Provital you will have access to a supportive team to answer questions and help ensure your weight loss success.

Nutrition & Wellness

A healthier and happier you can be achieved, especially when the multiple dimensions of wellness are being supported.

We are fortunate to have a specialized team, which includes personal trainers with health professional backgrounds.

Our registered dietitian has 5 years experience with creating tailored diet plans and nutritional goals to suit a variety of needs.

Having an occupational therapist on staff ensures results are driven safe and effectively.

If you are looking to take your well-being to the next level, Provital Personal Training will develop a plan to help you get there.