We are offering new training packages, which are designed for you to see timely results. By selecting one of our programs we will customize training routines and meal plans to fit your needs.

Weight Loss 101: Using our total wellness approach you will make long lasting and sustainable lifestyle changes customized to individual preferences and needs.

If you follow our plan you will lose at least a pound per week, GUARANTEED! 20-25 pounds for 3 months

Posture 101: Poor posture can lead to chronic pain and stiffness, headaches, fatigue and even nerve damage. Personal training corrects postural dysfunction by addressing specific muscle imbalances and improving mobility, thus allowing you to be stronger, prevent injuries and feel your best.

Muscular Sculpting 101: We can make your goals a reality, reducing body fat while significantly improving muscle gains.

One-on-one Personal Training: With experienced and certified trainers

Our programs include different amount of personal training sessions to accommodate anyone’s schedule and budget.

The gold package includes twice a week hour sessions, to guarantee the most success.
We can also accommodate training sessions once a week, half hour sessions, and monthly program designs.

  • Goal-oriented sessions
  • Body measurements with your trainer
  • Improve your body’s efficiency
  • Minimum of 4 alternating strengthening routines
    • 2 circuit based
    • 2 body sculpting routines
  • Posture analysis and corrective exercises
  • Body mechanics instruction
  • Lifestyle tips: workplace ergonomics
  • Joint pain relief
  • Core activation
  • Targeted toning
  • Flexibility training

Meet with a Registered Dietitian: Specializes in weight loss counseling

  • One-on-one: In person or interactive online session
  • Comprehensive Meal Plan
  • Including calorie, micro, and macronutrient ratio planning
  • Customized dietary lifestyle counseling
  • Meal timing and planning counseling
  • Ensured accountability  (smiley face)
  • Learn to embrace long term healthy habits
  • Safe and sustainable