In January, my husband suggested that we start training with one of the trainers at Gold’s. I was against it at first. After all, we knew what to do. We’d spent the better part of our lives in a gym. We’d both lost a lot of weight over the years, and had kept it off for over a decade. But after a few years of being complacent, we started watching the numbers go up. And up. Until we had both regained a lot of weight.

At the end of January 2015, we started training with Dave Roberts. My husband had been observing Dave as he trained other clients. He liked that Dave seemed to incorporate new and innovative ways to get in shape. Dave had his clients doing things we’d never done before. He seemed knowledgeable and creative. He was in good shape himself. Great shape, actually. So we took the first step and signed up to train with Dave.

Our first few sessions weren’t very tough. Dave was trying to assess our individual strengths and limitations. But once he knew what we were capable of, he showed no mercy. The next few weeks were hard, as our bodies got used to this new way of training. We felt like newbies, people who’d never stepped into a gym in their lives. But as time progressed, we did too. We were learning new ways to get ourselves back into shape. It was never boring. And never easy. But we started looking forward to our three weekly sessions with Dave, the way we’d previously looked forward to our weekend binges.

Soon the weight started falling off. We felt stronger, physically and mentally. Our moods improved. And we embraced training again. We looked forward to it. We formed a bond with Dave, a trust. He saved our lives, we tell people. He reminded us that we are stronger than we remembered. He’s reinforced in us the importance of training hard and eating clean and healthy. He’s literally given us our lives back. We welcome him as a friend. And we owe him our lives.

I’m writing this because I was once that overweight woman, afraid to work out for fear of being made fun of. But that didn’t happen. People in the gym—especially the trainers—are happy for your success. They want to see you do well. They’re encouraging and kind. Being stronger and thinner at 50 is a blessing beyond words. My husband and I know that we’re not kids anymore, but we are entering the next phase of our lives as a healthy, strong couple. We feel like kids!

Just take the leap of faith!! Right into Dave’s very capable arms. It will be hard. You will want to quit. But you’ll leave every single training session knowing that you’ve accomplished something quite spectacular that day; you’ve taken control of your life. And in no time, you’ll begin to wonder how you ever lived without it. Can you get your life back without a trainer? Maybe you can. But no one will push you—and you will never push yourself—the way Dave pushed us. When you think you want to quit, he’ll push you forward. His encouraging words and strong knowledge of training are a guide. But his own desire to see you succeed will make it impossible for you to give up on yourself.

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