I recently semi-retired, and after 30 years of working like a dog and not exercising at all, it seemed overdue to improve my general health… I used to get out of breath after just a few stair steps, and to hurt myself very easily, twisting my back, straining or even tearing up tendons and muscles, etc. I sometimes felt like a big pile of 210 pounds of rust.

I registered to the local gym, and got an offer for a few free training sessions. I thought “why not, but I can probably do it on my own afterwards”. I got started with Iva from ProVital, and it didn’t take me long to understand that there is a LOT of stuff that a personal trainer masters, and that improvisation is NOT the way to go. Iva is very personable, very dedicated to my well-being, always ready to guide and listen, and we quickly established an amicable relationship of trust.

I settled for working out with Iva twice at the beginning of the week, and going to the gym by myself two more times by the end of the week. I’ve been doing it for more than 4 months now, it was somewhat difficult to begin with, as I was so rusty (I couldn’t hold a plank for 30 seconds without dying on the floor; I was very sore after our first sessions; etc.) We progressed little step by little step, and not only my performance has been slowly improving, but I also started to actually enjoy it (surprise!) and to recover much faster. I developed a better understanding of workouts, but clearly, there is so much more to learn and to practice. The motivational help is absolutely key, good resolutions don’t last long unless somebody is watching you, carefully pushing your boundaries and exploring new territory (I discovered that working out by myself, I tend to repeat the same routine).

Noticeable progress didn’t come quickly, it took resolve to develop a sustained effort and see results, but I definitely feel much better, more energetic, and my waistline improved (a bit!). I do plan to keep going for the rest of the year, investing in one’s health can only provide great returns. All credits to Iva for patiently and gently steering me along the way, whether I whine or shine (mostly the former!). And I’ll do a 2 minutes plank, I’m close now…

Increase in core strength