“Since I was young I have tried to lose weight, and although i’ve had success in the past I was never able to maintain that victory for very long. I have always considered myself to be an active, and even at my heaviest, challenged myself to keep up with fit friends and family. Provital Personal Training has been my biggest supporter through my weight loss journey and has sustained my motivation and positivity. Since that time something within me has changed. I have been able to lose the weight and keep working toward my goal at a constant rate. My mentality has been one of the largest contributors. In the past in moments of weakness and insight I would become overcome with negative thoughts and devalue myself. Now, if i feel tired, or that my fitness is not going my way, i’m able to think positively and believe that everyday is an opportunity to be the best version of myself. Accountability is another large factor. Provital encourages and supports me in areas where i need the most help. Something that keeps me going is the fact that even if a day passes where I am less than satisfied with my progress I know that I have the skills and drive to be better tomorrow. I could not be more happy that I have transformed my life for the better and feel great doing it!”