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What can a personal trainer do for you?

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It’s common to have an opinion on what personal trainers actually do.  Some people envision trainers being drill sergeants, body builders, or fitness models.  We are none of those things; instead we are certified experts who are committed to helping our clients reach their exercise and wellness goals.

Truth is everyone could use a personal trainer, whether you are fitness novice or a trained athlete.  Bottom line is a personal trainer’s knowledge can help you achieve your desired results faster than if you were to try alone.

So, how does a trainer ensure quicker and better results?

First and foremost, at Provital we are passionate about correct form and improving posture.  Our bodies are designed to move in certain ways, and proper alignment means muscles are being used to their advantage.  Bad technique increases risk of injury because poor form can put strain on the wrong muscles and joints.

It’s too easy for correct form to be forgotten when exercising independently because our bodies get accustomed to moving in a certain way, so the same mistakes get repeated and gains are delayed.  If someone workouts consistently isn’t getting the best results then poor form is a likely suspect.

If you are concerned about your posture and form, trust us, you are no alone! Just with our modern lifestyles, sedentary work environments, commuting, traveling, and relaxing habits, it’s all too easy for certain muscles to become tight and overworked while others are almost ignored.   The good news is our trainers are skilled at identifying these alignment deviations and creating a plan to fix them. A plan that would help you get more success through safe movements.

A personal trainer is there to ensure accountability, to make sure you don’t slip back into your old patterns. At Provital we are trained to customize your plan, so your exercises are specially prescribed for your abilities and desires.  Our sessions are efficient and enjoyable.  We know when to mix things up so you’re not bored and will continue to see results.

Trainers should challenge and inspire you.  With the extra motivation from a trainer you are more likely to unlock more of your potential.   Take a moment to think honestly, what would you like to improve upon with your health and fitness?  Would you like to increase your strength, bulk up, lose weight, increase flexibility, improve posture, or a combination of these goals?  Whatever the answer is a personal trainer is there to create a way to make it happen.

So we are here for you when you are ready, without any judgment, and fully committed to aiding you in your journey of personal wellness.