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Life Enhancing, Results Driven

At ProVital Personal Training we create fitness programs custom tailored to our clients for their specific needs and goals. Our system employs nutrition consultation and muscular development complimented by a practical approach to aide in one’s outside progression becoming internal. We value our clients as members of our team and strive to create a comfortable atmosphere to further promote success! So, take a moment to check us out and please feel free to leave us a message with any thoughts or questions.

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Nutrition Mission: Possible

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Step one to eating healthier: Define your nutrition goal. Is it to lose weight? Gain muscle mass? Decrease your risk of certain diseases? A free session with our registered dietitian…


Common Fitness Myths

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There are too many fitness myths being tossed around, and it’s tricky to know what’s fact versus fiction. Below are six common myths and their actual truths. MYTH: Muscle weighs more…


Healthier guts, feeding our germy allies

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Our intestines have always contained bacteria, but only within the last decade have we been able to start decoding their true importance. This is a huge contrast from the recommendation…